Eyebrow Threading Reviews

Took a while to grasp the concept of the technique but have found it to be awesome, painfree, less work in between hair removal and I love it! Kelly Viner

I love threading and never want to wax again! No pain and no redness! Elysia Giesemann

Threading seems to take all of the really fine hairs, definately more than waxing and plucking. I highly recommend this service. Trudy Buchholz

I didn't think it would work at first as I couldn't understand how thread could be used for hair removal. After having it done I would never go back to waxing and are now more inclined to have it done more often as it is such a pleasant experience. My skin feels normal with no irritation and redness after threading unlike waxing. Gayle Viner

When I had waxing on my eyebrows, the shape was never right and my eyebrows always looked weird as the wax would be applied in circular blobs. I would be red for a few days and I always thought this was due to the wax being hot. I have just found out this is because skin layers are taken off with the wax as well as the hair! I have had threading on my eyebrows twice now and love the results. It is quick, not painful at all and there is no redness or after effects. Best of all the shape is exactly how I like as the thread can be directed to achieve the shape I like. I highly recommend this unique beauty service. Robyn Atkinson

I had threading done by Michelle around 5 weeks ago, the results were outstanding! I have not had my eyebrows done since, it seems to last much longer than waxing. My skin felt so smooth afterwards. Michelle is great too, very talented at all things to do with beauty! Hayley Mundey

Threading was really quick and easy. Vashti was really professional and explained everything to me. I'll definately be going to her from now on! Kate Mullen

I had never hear of threading before and I found it to be so gentle and so very good. Michelle was very thorough in providing the service and her consultation with me, which I had never experienced from any other therapist before with my waxing. The shape of my eyebrows is wonderful and I found threading to be so gentle. 10/10 Jennifer Watson

Michelle has performed the threading technique on me a few times now and I have found it to be an effective and painless form of hair removal. Michelle was confident, professional and informative throughout the entire process and I would without doubt refer all my friends and family to her to try threading. Sheridan Percival

OMG I'm a convert for sure - no reaction, no bruising, make-up goes on beautifully without all those tiny "invisible hairs"  - I love it!!! Sharon Dibb

'Wow! had the most amazing pampering today! Painless eye brow hair removal from Liz at Get Threaded- this is an amazing hair removal process, you have got to experience to believe. I also had an eyelash tint that did not sting! Liz I am sold.' Natalie McIvor

I'm a eyebrow threading convert. No pain, no redness, just perfect brows. Nikki Parkinson


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