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YOU can now become part of our unique beauty business and join the Get Threaded family'

'The only beauty business that truly wows™'

Get Threaded® is an exciting beauty franchise business leading the industry in the ancient art of hair removal technique known as 'threading' and other 'as natural as possible' beauty treatments. Threading is simply amazing and is an age old hair removal method commonly practiced in countries like Egypt and India and is an ideal alternative to waxing.

Threading has taken off all around the world. In some countries like Iran, no-one ever places wax near their faces- women all over the world are 'cottoning on' to this and Get Threaded aims to be the leaders in the provision of threading and other 'as natural as possible' beauty services.

Before releasing our franchise concept, Get Threaded spent over 3 years writing the government accredited course (Certificate II in Hair Removal (Threading), becoming a registered training organisation, training licenced artists all over Australia and NZ and operating a concept salon. We developed products and services with minute detail and established the first franchise in conjunction with one of our licencees. Despite many applications from potential franchisees, this was open one year before we would look at opening others. We have a standard that cannot be matched in this industry and believe in slow and steady growth with the right franchise partners.

We are also taking advantage of compelling market forces: The growing demand for services that enhance beauty and wellness, a truly amazing and better concept of brow shaping with the desire for convenience.

All our services are 'as natural as possible' with products sourced from all around the world.

Our aim is for anyone looking for accredited and fully trained threading artists, they will look for Get Threaded®.

Did you know, Get Threaded® is the only threading business in the world, that can offer you international accredited qualifications for all core services? Training for you and your staff!

Stand out and be a leader in the industry with Get Threaded®

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Just some of the many benefits of becoming part of Get Threaded:

  • Initial and ongoing training and support - Simple systems, training and step by step guidelines for every part of the business allows you to become a stand out business instead of a stand alone business. Our training packages include Get Set to Get Threaded, Get Set To Go™ and the Get Threaded WOW™ program with each program incorporating a multitude of training opportunities. We have 8 strong core values that we use for every part of the business, from choosing franchisees, employing staff to how we deal with our clients, suppliers and all involved with Get Threaded. Our core values really set us apart.
  • Client Wellbeing - Get Threaded are the industry leaders in the ancient art of threading and our training methods have been perfected over a number of years. Threading isn’t just picking up thread and removing hair as there are many important factors for delivery of the service to ensure the client does not suffer any adverse effects. Unlike other operators who use sewing cotton, at Get Threaded we only use antibacterial threading cotton and have a full range of branded and exclusive Get Threaded threading essentials.
  • Experience (Training) - Get Threaded wrote the government accredited course copyright for Certificate II in Hair Removal (Threading) and became the only registered training organization that could deliver this course. Not content with that achievement and recognition, Get Threaded Founder Liz, set her sights on international accreditation and we were so excited to receive this international accreditation in January, 2014. This sets us apart from anyone in the industry. Worldwide! Our training processes and assessment procedures are regularly audited to ensure that the training we provide is cutting edge, innovative, and consistently meets all national training legislations and guidelines. Don't know how to thread? No worries- we have trained over 100+ people with a 100% success rate. If you have the passion, we can help you become an expert.
  • Experience (Franchises) - We have an innovative and successful business model and business procedures using the latest in technology including our exclusive online resource centre for all franchisees. As long as you have access to the internet, you can track your franchises daily happenings from anywhere in the world!
  • Research and Development - Get Threaded has been researching threading all around the world since 2009. The type of thread, the placement on the skin, the movement of the artist, the technique used, all are key to delivering a service to your clients that changes the way they look at facial hair removal. We have trialled and tested our techniques and products extensively.
  • Award Winning - Liz See is the founder of Get Threaded, Course Writer and Senior Trainer. Liz is an award winning trainer after winning 2011 Queensland VET Teacher/ Trainer of the Year for the north coast region and and Get Threaded and it's franchises have been nominated for many business and customer service awards.
  • Less Pain - Threading the 'Get Threaded' way provides threading which is in most cases painless for the client with less redness. Our unique training methods ensure that more people experience enjoyable hair removal instead of the traditional threading discomfort. Get Threaded have perfected the technique and although based on traditional threading methods, there are some differences that are unique to us so a pleasant and less painful hair removal treatment can be given to your clients. We call this the Get Threaded '3 Points of WOW' and this knowledge is only available to our franchisees and staff.
  • Advanced Eyebrow Knowledge - Do you love eyebrow shaping? Well you have come to the right place (we love eyebrows) and our accredited threading training features a unit of competency specifically designed for advanced eyebrow threading. Get Threaded also owns The Eyebrow Experts and we believe shaping beautiful eyebrows for each and every client is essential.
  • Products & Exclusive Services - Antibacterial threading thread, threading applicators (our own design patented product), coal tar free tinting products, airbrush makeup, our own range of brow products Brow-mazing™ Cosmetics- The Brow Collection (extremely popular), The Eyebrow Experts- Perfect Brow 1-2-3 Brow Aligners & Helper (our own product). We have every aspect of threading and our other 'as natural as possible' beauty services covered to help you provide these to your clients. Yes, that's right, it's not just threading but also a range of complementary services  and retail items too!
  • Publicity - We have attracted more exposure than anyone else in the industry and by providing this service you open the opportunities up for yourself. We have been featured in Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Beauty Therapist Magazine, Franchising Magazine, The Courier Mail, Australian Financial Review, Dynamic Business, Australian Hair and Beauty Magazine, Orbit Magazine, Sunshine Coast Daily, Business Matters Magazine and numerous blogs and reviews. We have even sent a team of brow artists into the Marie Claire offices! VIEW
  • Brand Integrity - Get Threaded is a premium brand with global expansion goals. We have trademarks, patented products, copyrights and the knowledge of a service that no-one can match. We live and breathe threading and love sharing this passion with our franchisees and their staff.

Get Threaded Franchise Options:

Option 1: Get Threaded Brow & Beauty Bar®

Most popular option. Locations available all over Australia and New Zealand.

Option 2: Get Threaded Brow & Beauty Spa™

Locations available all over Australia and New Zealand. Full salon services provided.

Option 3: Master Franchises

Would you like to be instrumental in helping franchisees establish and manage them in your own allocated area and share in the profits?  Locations available worldwide.

Get Threaded- Industry Leaders in the Ancient Art of Threading™

We're looking for entrepreneurs with core values that match ours, who want to be part of a cutting-edge niche concept in the booming beauty industry.

We look for the following five important qualities when assessing potential franchisees- we call it the Get Threaded #5 Signs Of Success;

  • 1People who desire success and offer impeccable customer service.
  • 2People that match our core values.
  • 3People who want to be part of a bigger team.
  • 4People who will contribute to finding opportunities to grow their franchise.
  • 5People that want to be part of the Get Threaded story.

Is this you?

Current opportunities available worldwide.

Become one of the lucky few today.....

*Disclaimer: The statements above are general only and reflect the current policies and procedures of Get Threaded. Consequently, as policies and procedures change from time to time, statements made above may in the future cease to apply (either wholly or partly). Get Threaded takes no responsibility to any person for any statements made above and you must not rely on any of these statements.

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