Organic Express Facial


Pamper yourself today with a Get Threaded Organic Express Facial™. Especially designed for clients that love looking after their skin with organic goodies but don't have a lot of time. 30 minutes is all you need for beautiful skin!

Our facials include the following 4 steps loaded with goodness for your skin:

Step 1 – Double Cleanse

The light & gentle cream cleanser can be used on all skin types and will support and protect your natural sebum balance.  Using a blend of premium oils this effective cleanser will remove dirt & impurities as well as make up & can even be used on the delicate eye area.  Bilberry Extract is a natural cleanser and skin tonic and will soothe the irritation of dry skin while Marshmallow Extract is calming, protective and softening.  A delicious blend of essential oils has also been added to help soothe and revitalise your skin.

Step 2 – Face Polish

The gentle face polish is blended using a combination of Jojoba Beads and Mother of Pearl to softly buff away dry and lifeless surface skin cells. It will give your skin a deep clean to unblock pores and improve your skins overall health and appearance. With the added benefits of natural exfoliators Papaya & Kiwi Fruit Extracts this invigorating formula will encourage cell renewal & enhance circulation to reveal smooth, more radiant skin. A Jojoba Oil massage finishes this step off prior to mask application.

Step 3 – Face Mask (choice of four types) including Indian Head Massage

Formulated for all skin types – this light but nurturing cream mask is the perfect treatment for maintaining & encouraging skin hydration and balance.  Its high content of Aloe Vera which is naturally high in vitamins and Amino Acids will help skin retain moisture & increase hydration.  It is then blended with organic ivory clay and mineral lite ultrafine clay which are rich in trace elements and will clarify, soften and tone.  Green Tea will fight free radicals and protect your skin.  All in all making this mask a great way to maintain and support healthy skin.

Formulated for dry skins and skins damaged by harsh environmental exposure, this creamy mask is blended using organic red clay & rose hydrosol to moisturise & revitalise your skin.  Premium organic Rosehip & Evening Primrose oils high in EFA’s & vitamins heal and regenerate while organic Shea butter & kukui nut oil soften and smooth even the driest of skins. With the added benefit of our own E/O blend of carrot seed, rose, vetiver & frankincense this scrumptious mask will have your skin looking & feeling cherished again in no time.

This speciality mask is formulated to draw impurities & toxins from your skin. Organic green clay will clarify & purify blemished skins. Nettle Extract is a natural astringent that will deeply cleanse oily skin and White Willow Bark Extract is a natural exfoliant that will also help reduce inflammation and fight oil to control excess sebum. Our own essential oil blend of Juniper, Thyme and Lavender will help calm, soothe & revitalise your skin.

This soft, specialty mask is for the most sensitive of skins including conditions like rosacea, eczema & dermatitis.  Formulated to calm, desensitise and soothe, it will help cool inflammation and soothe irritation. The clinically proven healing powers of Seabuckthorn oil have been known to reduce redness, promote regeneration & strengthen the skin.  With Gota Kola Extract’s natural wound healing powers & extra calming Calendula Oil this mask will relieve & comfort your skin whilst improving your skins health and resilience.

Step 4 – Face Lotion, Cream or Serum Application, Spritz and Lip Balm Application

Face Lotion: A light, fresh cream that suits all skin types – this anytime cream is blended using premium oils and Certified Organic Aloe Vera to help retain moisture and hydrate your skin.  Vitamin E is deeply penetrating, helps slow signs of ageing and soothes the irritation of dry skin. Borage Oil regulates skin hydration, firms and revitalises while Green Tea extract fights free radicals and helps protect your skin. Our Essential Oil blend of Sandalwood, Palmarosa & Frankincense will help balance & rejuvenate. This cream is a great base for makeup leaving no oily residue and can also help relieve skin after sun exposure. An ideal day cream for all skin types and a great day & night cream for young, normal & oily skin types.

Serum: Formulated using only the best organic oils and active ingredients that have the proven ability to restore, soothe & heal your skin.

Why not try one today....your skin will thank you!

*only available at select Get Threaded Locations

Step 1 – 5mins - Be Clean OR Jojoba Oil as a cleanser (jojoba is perfect when you get a client who says they ‘sometimes’ get reactions to new products – as it is 100% pure jojoba oil, the chances of a reaction are slim to none) – I would always double cleanse in a facial – most people will be wearing some form of make up or sun protection product on their skin - remove using microfiber face cloth and tepid water.

Step 2 – Be Smooth Face Polish – 5mins - a quick exfoliation is an essential step to any facial as it prepares the skin for the mask & face cream/serum.  If you are running short of time – say for example a skin analysis runs over a bit or the client was running late – you can do steps 1 & 2 together.  Just add a touch of the Be Smooth face polish to the Be Clean, massage into the skin and remove again with face cloth.

Step 3 – I am not sure if you are planning on a quick 5min massage – most express facials do not include them as that is the whole point of getting a longer facial but if you are you would use Jojoba oil for that step.

NB - I am also able to add some essential oils to the Jojoba oil if you like to increase its relaxation properties or add a hydration boost??  I have a few clients who have 2 or 3 Jojoba oils that they use for treatments – one might be kept pure and the others have different oils for different reasons like calming, healing, revitalizing etc – let me know if you want more information about this.

Step 4 – Face Mask – 10 - 15mins (10 if you are massaging too and 15 if you are going straight to mask) - you can keep all 4 (Be Calm, Be Clear, Be Hydrated & Be Nourished) and choose a mask to suit the clients individual skin condition OR just have Be Hydrated and Be Nourished and go with whichever would suit the client best.  These masks are made on a Certified Organic cream base so it is best to keep them in the fridge until they are used to keep ingredients as fresh as possible.

While the mask is on – you could also give a complimentary hand massage using the jojoba oil??  Just a thought??

Step 5 – Face Lotion or Serum application – 5mins – Here you could have the option of Be Hydrated Face Lotion (same as prior to make up) and Be Replenished restorative serum – I always massage the last product into the skin to increase the clients relaxation – both of these products have enough slip for you to be able to do that.  The lotion is very light and hydrating – great for normal, young skin types.  The serum is the one I mentioned to you in a previous email – this is our top selling product and is perfect for skins starting to show the signs of ageing as a prevention tool and also for those who are considered mature skins (ignoring chronological age of course as the sun does more damage than time ever will!) to heal and restore.

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