Lashes & Browz That WOW™

Lashes and Browz That WOW™ - Colour


Most eyelash and eyebrow tints use vegetable dye. The tint we use is made from a fruit dye which means it is gentler in the eye area with no stinging or pain like other tints. It also does NOT contain coal tar and the solution only contains 1% peroxide versus 3% in most other brands. The permanent tint has been specially formulated with conditioners including soothing Aloe Vera. The product is applied to your lashes or brows and processed from 2-15 minutes.This eyelash & eyebrow dye is simply one of the best products we have ever seen and our clients rave about it!

Lash Colours: Black, Blue Black, Mahogany Black, Purple Black, Brown, Light Brown

Brow Colours: Lighten, Black, Brown, Light Brown, Reddish Light Brown,Reddish Brown

*only available at select Get Threaded Locations


 Lashes That WOW™ - Curl and Lift


This technique curls,shapes or lifts the lashes in order to enhance the natural curvature. If you have ever used an eyelash curler you will love the results of Lashes That WOW™- Curl and Lift. A tiny roller or pad is applied to the lash line and special solution is applied and processed. Allow 40 minutes for this service.

Lasts up to 4-6 weeks.

*only available at select Get Threaded Locations



Browz That WOW™ - Brow Tamer™


Exclusive to Get Threaded. The Browz That Wow™- Brow Tamer™ is a service that is designed to tame wayward eyebrows. Perfect for ladies or men. A special solution is applied to the brows to help tame those eyebrows into place and processed. Allow 20-30 minutes for this service.

Lasts up to 4-6 weeks.

*only available at select Get Threaded Locations




Lashes That WOW™- Lashes For A Night™


Heading out for a night and want to glam it up? Lashes For A Night™ is the answer. Applied as a single service or as part of Hollywood AirBrush Makeup™, Lashes For A Night™ is a temporary solution for lashes that wow!


*only available at select Get Threaded Locations






Browz That WOW™ - Brow Nourishing Treatments™


A world first treatment and exclusive to Get Threaded, especially designed to boost brow health.

There are two services available:

A four step treatment is performed in conjunction with your eyebrow threading service (5-7 mins)

A five step intensive treatment is performed as a stand alone service (10mins)

Both are designed to boost your brows by nourishing them with active natural ingredients incorporating massage.

NEW! Brow Nourishing Treatments incorporating crystal massage at selected Get Threaded locations.

Why have a Browz That WOW ™ Nourishing Treatment?

  • Helps promote healthy brows by stimulating blood flow to the brow hair root, nourishing brows and protecting from breakage and dryness. Harsh face soaps and cleansers can dry and damage delicate skin surrounding the eyebrow and make-up and dirt can clog the pores. As well as environmental factors like the sun, this can take a toll on our brows, can damage the brow follicles and affect brow health and appearance.
  • Exfoliates the brow area which encourages brow health by removing dead skin underneath brows. This is one area of the face that is usually forgotten and removing the dead skin is vital for brow health and healthy looking brows.
  • Conditions and protects your brows with powerful moisturising agents. Just like we moisturise our skin and place conditioners and treatments on our hair, the brows need this too!
  • It’s so relaxing! We hold so much tension in the brow and forehead region of our faces and regular massage can aid in total relaxation for the mind and body. Also having the treatment in conjunction with hair removal can help ease any discomfort because when we are tense sensations are always heightened.

The five steps include:

Step 1- BrowRelax™ Massage

Step 2- BrowCleanse™

Step 3*- BrowFoliate™

Step 4- BrowMask™ (includes mini indian head massage)

Step 5- Application of Brows That Wow™ Brow Nourish

*BrowFoliate not performed with hair removal

*only available at select Get Threaded Locations



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